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John McDouall Stuart

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Third expedition[ edit ] At around this time in Australia, exploration fever was reaching a peak. There was a fearful head sea, and the starboard headboards were washed away and the vessel shipped some water, but at midnight the weather moderated, and although there was a confused sea the reefs were shaken out Thursday, the 26th, was another heavy weather day. Fourth expedition[ edit ] On 2 March the three men left Chambers Creek, aiming to find the centre of Australia.

711 adelaide

Several of the mainland colonies were competing to host the Australian terminus of the telegraph: For Good, Toms, and Co.

711 adelaide

711 adelaide

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  1. Samuzahn says:

    The explorers were unable to progress much further north.

  2. Shaktijora says:

    Like Sturt and unlike some of the other Australian explorers Stuart generally got on well with the Aboriginal people he encountered but he was unable to negotiate with this group and considered it unsafe to continue.

  3. Nekree says:

    Like the interior of Africa, inland Australia remained an embarrassing blank area on the map and although the long-held dreams of a fertile inland sea had faded, there was an intense desire to see the continent crossed.

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    The next stage, however, proved more difficult. Importantly, however, Stuart had found another reliable water supply for future attempts:

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    In January he arrived in the three-year-old frontier colony of South Australia, at that time little more than a single crowded outpost of tents and dirt-floored wooden huts. Martin 21, Elizabeth 24, Julia 1; Cosentine [sic]:

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