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First Time Sex Tips: Your Do's And Don’ts

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Many girls are far more sensitive on the outside read: The experience will come with practice, this is your first time and it's ok to be a bit confused. It certainly won't last for hours, especially if both of you are inexperienced.

Advice on 1st time sex

Explore with your finger , mouth, tongue, hands, arms, and everything else… Tell her what you like, what feels good, what you want more of. Both males and females enjoy foreplay. Once you begin to explore your own body, you will know what to expect from yourself with a partner when that time comes.

Advice on 1st time sex

Advice on 1st time sex

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  1. Zulkim says:

    Don't expert her to move or do what your ex did — that's like being disappointed by Monet because he doesn't paint like Picasso. That's the exciting part!

  2. Nibar says:

    Both males and females mostly look for sex tips about their first time online.

  3. Telkree says:

    No pressure for the first time Sex should always be a matter of choice. A post shared by Whisper whispersomething on Jan 19, at 5:

  4. Moogugore says:

    Don't Be Pushy Seriously, stop it. Take your time too, since it is an act of preparing for something important that is about to happen.

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