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This Woman's Bold Message About Thigh Gaps Is the Best Thing You'll Hear All Summer

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Video about amazing thigh gaps:

The images posted mirror the ubiquitous images of young, slim models and pop stars in shorts, often at festivals such as Glastonbury or Coachella, that have flooded the mainstream media in recent years, bringing with them the idea that skinniness, glamour and fun are intertwined. In their place are scantily clad celebrities. Food is not the enemy.

Amazing thigh gaps

Sadly, young women are wrongly looking to fashion for some kind of guidance on what it is to be female. Yet she fought and achieved her goals anyway. In their place are scantily clad celebrities.

Amazing thigh gaps

Amazing thigh gaps

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Rosemary Shimada possessed modelling at 13, but had to facilitate the industry when her decision changed. Food is not the role.

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  1. Diran says:

    Yet I cannot escape the inevitable:

  2. Talkree says:

    It also means that your body is underweight. What are we to do for our daughters?

  3. Gar says:

    My kid is whiplash smart. She has been attacked online on pro-anorexia a.

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