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Fraternizing women in infantry units should be treated fairly

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An 82nd Airborne investigation found earlier this year that a company first sergeant had carried on a sexual relationship with one of the Army's first junior enlisted female infantryman. For results dealing with the military as a whole, personnel in the E-1 to E-4 demographic were the most likely to engage in the aforementioned risky sexual behaviors. Partners often have different drives when it comes to sex.

Army women havin sex with marnes

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Army women havin sex with marnes

Army women havin sex with marnes

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  1. Maugrel says:

    There is evidence that housework can also make a difference when it comes to sex. However, not all Marines felt the same.

  2. Sagor says:

    But while male Marines are often lauded for their sexual exploits, women are subjected to a vicious set of double standards and shaming.

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