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Computer versions of matching games have advantages over physical versions: All we need now is some ActionScript. The above solution is for ActionScript 3.

As3 dynamic text field not updating

To create a matching game, we first work on placing the cards on the screen. Placing Interactive Elements Creating a matching game first requires that you create a set of cards. This method has major advantages when it comes to updates and changes to the playing pieces.

As3 dynamic text field not updating

As3 dynamic text field not updating

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  1. Kazrakazahn says:

    Multiple-Symbol Method The first method is to create each card as its own movie clip.

  2. Tojamuro says:

    Suppose you don't want a 6x6 grid of cards; maybe you want a simpler 4x4 grid or even a rectangular 6x5 grid.

  3. Vigore says:

    This movie clip contains all the cards and even a frame that represents the back of the card that we must show when the card is face down.

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