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Google takes launching very seriously, and I think that being recognized for launching something cool might be the strongest incentive across the company. So some of the consultants began to think: This impedance mismatch drives great engineers to mediocrity.

Bad dates blog

And therein lay the problem. The Good Kind cue happy rat I'm going to talk a little about Google's software development process.

Bad dates blog

Bad dates blog

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  1. Kegrel says:

    Refreshments will be served. But I'll share what I've got so far.

  2. Shakashakar says:

    The bar was really quite loud.

  3. Faekasa says:

    And if in the future you ever find me touring around as an Agile Consultant, charging audiences to hear my deep wisdom and insight about Agile Development, you have my permission to cut my balls off. About the best you can do is gather statistical data across a lot of teams doing a lot of projects, and try to identify similarities, and perform some regressions, and hope you find some meaningful correlations.

  4. Kagam says:

    Rich Robinson who is filling in for original guitarist Mick Ralphs due to medical issues is a great guitarist but really is not a "showman" and I think smiled twice all night? Engineers working on important projects are, on average, rewarded more than those on less-important projects.

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