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Beecroft residents appeal to state government to purchase powerful owl habitat

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But Hornsby Council Mayor Steven Russell said there was no intention to use the funds to purchase the land. Peter Rae "The actual housing development is not the problem, the developer only wants to put five blocks along Malton Road, but it is the asset protection zone set by the Rural Fire Service that will affect the owls' territory," said Patricia Brown, resident and bird watcher. Advertisement One of the powerful owl parents of Mikey, in the gully along the Byles Creek.

Beecroft sydney

Advertisement One of the powerful owl parents of Mikey, in the gully along the Byles Creek. For the applicant to satisfy itself and provide the required environmental impact statement, it needs to wait till the orchid appears. But along the Byles Creek Valley in Beecroft where Mikey and his family live, residents are worried a proposed residential development will encroach on the space the birds need.

Beecroft sydney

Beecroft sydney

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  1. Gardakora says:

    Residents were pleased to learn earlier this month that the application to subdivide the lot was rejected by Hornsby Council, due to "insufficient information The asset protection zone rule is in place to protect human life, property and highly valued assets, creating a buffer zone between a bushfire hazard and buildings.

  2. Akilrajas says:

    Peter Rae Though to the surprise of residents, the rejection of the application was not linked to protecting the rare birdlife, but two plant species which may or may not inhabit the site.

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