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At times the low beach is fronted by a low sand spit, at other times it directly faces north-east into the waves. You will leave the suburb of Bluewater Park, and eventually hit a dirt road.

Blue water townsville

It has some great views going up the range. Once in Bluewater State Forest, the road keeps climbing, and there are plenty of places with steep drop offs from the track, so extra care will need to be taken. Rumor has it that it's possible to go all the way to Paluma Village on this trail, however this is not true for motor vehicles.

Blue water townsville

Blue water townsville

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Subscribe to Wanderstories Get the family posts outlay model to your inbox HP. If you are severely about your metal much and don't run to get any asks, then this blue water townsville is not for you.
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    Allow a good few hours to reach the flowing, crystal clear creeks. If it has rained recently, on the left side before you hit the uphill section, you'll find a clearing to a lovely patch of running water.

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