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12 Guaranteed Signs You Can Get Your Ex Back

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Think polite, but a little distant. This makes the chances of getting back together a lot less likely unless both parties have changed dramatically and these wounds have healed. Did it end in a nasty divorce with a custody battle?

Chances of getting back with your ex

Part 1 of 4: Right now is the time to focus on you caring about yourself.

Chances of getting back with your ex

Chances of getting back with your ex

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  1. Marisar says:

    How Does It Work?

  2. Yorn says:

    Did this create a lot of tension? What if you have significant financial problems again down the road?

  3. Fek says:

    Have you called him a bunch of times and persistently tried to contact him? Can you look past him ghosting on you?

  4. Taubei says:

    A strong connection is a stable one that makes you feel good. Some words and deeds cannot be undone, and the memory of them can create an insurmountable obstacle to moving forward.

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