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Can Vegans Date Non Vegans and Live Happily Ever After?

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Video about dating a meat eater:

It also gave him something new to argue about! PhD student and animal lover Cheryl Jones is vegan, married to a meat eater.

Dating a meat eater

No two people in a relationship can share all the same values exactly — especially since those tend to shift over the decades. I want kids, and those kids are going to be vegan. Advertisement Advertisement Anyone can date whoever they want and I would never judge anyone for who they date.

Dating a meat eater

Dating a meat eater

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  1. Sagore says:

    Chrissie and Dave later broke up. One vegan man, Charlie, has a laissez-faire attitude about his partner:

  2. Dorn says:

    Social change occurs through individual change. Advertisement Would you cook meat for a non-vegan?

  3. Shazil says:

    But if the relationship got serious, it would be an issue.

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