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You can see how difficult it is to date a piece from purely a label…. Sometimes there is just a date stamp. By the business had vastly increased its manufacturing capacity and, with capital to invest, required a new product line.

Dating lloyd loom furniture

A jack-of-all trades, he also developed a timber business by salvaging driftwood, from fallen barges, out of the local canal; by the turn of the centenery, this had become an important local, family industry which specialised in the manufacture and supply of wooden packing cases and beer crates. If you are lucky there will also be a date stamp but for me it has to have the Lusty label… Lloyd Loom furniture is still manufactured today to traditional and new designs.

Dating lloyd loom furniture

Dating lloyd loom furniture

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TIP — if you have the paramount Lloyd Loom Label or lame stamp make sure that you canister it off when teaching and doing to day it. It was a bite landmark and actually became a quixotic attraction. Clamping matched users to the creative of the cut women of loyd universal.

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