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How to Cope With Manipulative Family Members

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Dealing with manipulative family

Take care to happy open minded thought to the situation. She is a co-author of Disabled Literature a book about the role of literature in shaping cultural paradigms , and writes regularly on the topics of psychology, family dynamics and spirituality. Even though it's really the fault of the manipulative person, if they trap you in their game then you might also accidentally start hurting people around you.

Dealing with manipulative family

Dealing with manipulative family

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4 Responses

  1. Shaktizuru says:

    You want to be able to detach yourself from the pull your DFM is having on you. It's family, you will have to talk to the conspirator.

  2. Jum says:

    Here your DFM is thinking that you just want to win the argument to favour yourself.

  3. Tuzil says:

    In fact, it could take a lifetime of effort on your part, to start seeing any useful results. And you are still doing it now by the frequent texting and calling.

  4. Dailkree says:

    However, if she is intentionally disobeying your parenting rules as a manipulation tool, then there might be something more going on. And could easily turn you into a bitter person.

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