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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Shave Down There

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I can see how one could conflate hair growth for societal growth, but telling women they should have more hair, instead of less hair, is not progress. Streicher notes that most health complications are nothing major.

Do i need to shave my pubic hair

I don't have a problem with waxing, I just think it takes a rare person to be able to self-wax. What I will do next?

Do i need to shave my pubic hair

Do i need to shave my pubic hair

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  1. Kagagar says:

    In fact, it may do the opposite! According to the study, it may result in unfavorable health consequences including skin irritation, vulvar and vaginal irritation or infection, and even possibly the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

  2. Arashura says:

    Trimming or shaving will keep you smelling fresher as will spraying down the equipment with a little Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder. Use a razor specifically designed to handle this sensitive terrain.

  3. Shadal says:

    It is also a way to find your way to the genitals. I definitely think having body hair is becoming less taboo.

  4. JoJozilkree says:

    Streicher, pubic hair exists to serve many purposes.

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