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2004 Dodge Neon R/T

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The same satin metal trim was also featured on the instrument panel center stack, climate control knobs and on the door handles. Unique " fuselage " styling was employed for through and then was toned down again for the to models. Dodge chose not use the full model lines and engines available to them, the 2.

Dodge neon srt4 specs

Dodge America — on paper under the Fargo Trucks name in U. However, they turned this around in by turning those former full-sizes into "new" mid-size models; Dodge revived the Coronet nameplate in this way and later added a sporty fastback version called the Charger that became both a sales leader and a winner on the NASCAR circuit.

Dodge neon srt4 specs

Dodge neon srt4 specs

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    Dodge introduced what they called the "Adult Toys" line to boost its truck sales in the late s, starting off with the limited edition Lil' Red Express pickup featuring, a c. In , production of Dodge vehicles ceased when German company Volkswagen bought the Fevre plant and the shares.

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    In an effort to reach every segment of the market, Dodge even reached a hand across the Pacific to its partner, Mitsubishi Motors , and marketed their subcompact as the Colt to compete with the AMC Gremlin , Chevrolet Vega , and Ford Pinto. The result was that Dodge sales in the middle price class collapsed.

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    The wheels were designed with a unique spoke pattern to allow for improved airflow to the brakes, and were similar to that of the TSW VX1 wheels used on the original Neon SRT. Regis for following a one-year absence from the big car market.

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    The Neon featured a clever marketing campaign and good performance.

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    Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Eventually Dodge was sold to the new Chrysler Corporation in

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