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Miranda dedicated it to Queensbridge. In the case of most public domain titles, posters or other movie advertising are used instead. Republic Pictures had existed just prior to but as an entirely different company, whose rights included the famous eagle trademark and the Republic Pictures name and its variants—all subsidiaries of Republic Industries which was in no way related to Republic Corporation or NTA.

Elise wayne

Two years earlier Republic Pictures Home Video wound down operations and the library was eventually licensed to Artisan Entertainment and its successor, Lions Gate Entertainment now called Lionsgate , whose rights were to initially expire in They are not official studio releases so the quality will never be the same. Paramount had announced a number of Wayne's Republic productions on DVD in shown above , but they never materialized.

Elise wayne

Elise wayne

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  1. Nit says:

    In control of Republic Pictures was in the hands of the Paragon Group, an investment partnership founded by Russell Goldsmith who helmed Republic until it was acquired in mid by Spelling Entertainment. The DVD's distributor and its catalog number appear next, both pertaining to the cover shown.

  2. Met says:

    Following the process is the aspect ratio used for the general release print, not necessarily the negative or DVD ratio.

  3. Akile says:

    Paramount had announced a number of Wayne's Republic productions on DVD in shown above , but they never materialized. Only four of John Wayne's sound features, all from Monogram, were never registered with the Copyright Office.

  4. Sazil says:

    Such dealers, though, are not referenced in the filmography since the films are not official studio releases. Mayer said that John Wayne had an endless face and he can go on forever.

  5. JoJokora says:

    In early National Telefilm Associates changed its name to Republic Pictures when rights to the name and other trademarks were acquired. They are not official studio releases so the quality will never be the same.

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