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Facebook – Iniciar sesión, entrar o registrarse

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Video about facebook login iniciar sesion:

Also, we will remove from the native storage the data from the logged user. Style and permissions on the LoginButton. If you register the callback with LoginButton, don't need to register the callback on Login manager.

Facebook login iniciar sesion

Add these to your Facebook developer profile for the sample apps. You can now compile and run all of the samples - including those that use Facebook Native Login.

Facebook login iniciar sesion

Facebook login iniciar sesion

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  1. Nazahn says:

    We don't want to ask users to log in each time they open our ionic framework app because it would be annoying. In case the user is logged in we navigate to the User page, if not, we navigate to the Log In page.

  2. Vulrajas says:

    Keytool, for generating the key hashes, is included with the Java SE Development Kit JDK that you installed as part of setting up your development environment. To test the native implementation you need to test the app on a real device or in an emulator because cordova isn't available in the browser.

  3. Mikale says:

    The FacebookSDK saves this data in shared preferences and sets at the beginning of the session.

  4. Mikarisar says:

    Finally, in your onActivityResult method, call callbackManager.

  5. Sakinos says:

    To install this plugin just run the following command in your ionic project:

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