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Did Fukushima Officials Warn that Humans Should Never Eat Fish Again?

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Video about fukushima radiation fish snopes:

Further context can be provided by comparing the radioactivity of Fukushima-contaminated fish to the naturally occurring radioactivity of fish. Worryingly, new studies reveal that fish caught off the West coast of the United States and in Canada are also testing positive for radiation poisoning. The individual effective dose commitment from consumption of radioactive-contaminated fish caught in the open Pacific Ocean was estimated to be 0.

Fukushima radiation fish snopes

This contamination was substantial, and its effects were later detected in western North America. Cesium is a radioactive isotope formed principally by man-made activity, whose only plausible source on Earth, currently, is the Fukushima disaster.

Fukushima radiation fish snopes

Fukushima radiation fish snopes

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  1. Zoloran says:

    The observed levels remain well below the action level Bq kg-1 set by Health Canada guidelines.

  2. Kirg says:

    Not to be derailed by these observations, OrganicAndHealthy. Rating Mixture About this rating What's True A single salmon found in the Osoyoos Lake in British Columbia in first reported in November had low but detectable levels of the radioactive isotope cesium, universally acknowledged as a marker for Fukushima radiation.

  3. Faedal says:

    The individual effective dose commitment from consumption of radioactive-contaminated fish caught in the open Pacific Ocean was estimated to be 0. The added dose from the [Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants] should be discussed relative to the global average dose from natural background radiation, which is approximately 2.

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