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Is it weird to go to the strip club by yourself

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Video about going to a strip bar alone:

You don't have to tip them, but you can always offer. So when I see a girl with tig ol' natural bitties, I ask about a dance.

Going to a strip bar alone

It's all a game. We talk for a second and then I go into her ear and ask, "Can I play with your boobs? But don't insist, if they pass on the tip just let them be on their way.

Going to a strip bar alone

Going to a strip bar alone

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  1. Grodal says:

    Smile back when they smile at you, tip them if they hug you, wink after they say bye. So cut her to the chase.

  2. Dushakar says:

    Some guy will do it. The first song is top and bottoms, the second song the top comes off, and the third song, the bottoms come off.

  3. Mugis says:

    Strip clubs are the ultimate fantasy. She's beautiful and she's doing an amazing trick.

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