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Best Dress Shoe Brands: Top 6 Premium Men’s Shoemakers

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Quality usually derives not only from the materials used but also the methods used to make the shoes. This guide is intended to help you make a wiser choice on your next shoe purchase. In fact, you could argue that it was these very stories and the heritage that comes with them, which helped create that vision in the first place.

Great dress shoes

Though they are not as popular today, opera shoes will occasionally be seen at full-dress events, worn by fashion-conscious individuals. Quality usually derives not only from the materials used but also the methods used to make the shoes.

Great dress shoes

Great dress shoes

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  1. Fenrijar says:

    Lug soles and commando soles will rarely be appropriate, though there are exceptions. The shoes should be made of box calf leather and it should not have any broguing.

  2. Kazragal says:

    Whether you are wearing a tux to a black-tie event or a business suit, these minimal shoes will complement and add a dose of formality to your attire. However, on what basis did we establish this list of the best dress shoe brands?

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