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Courts Signal that Financial Advisors Issue Fairness Opinions, Not Insurance Policies

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The merger was subsequently approved and the transaction was completed. The court noted that "Delaware law does not require disclosure of all the data underlying a fairness opinion such that a shareholder can make an independent determination of value," and "[s]tockholders who disagreed with Jeffries' analyses had sufficient information to make an informed decision.

Ha2003 liquidating trust v credit

Goldberg, Partner, sgoldberg bakerlaw. Jeffries was deemed to have performed a fair and competent analysis of available information and issued a clear and sufficient fairness opinion. It further argued that Credit Suisse should have revised or withdrawn its fairness opinion in anticipation of a market downturn once the price of other dot-com stocks began to plunge.

Ha2003 liquidating trust v credit

Ha2003 liquidating trust v credit

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