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How to Bring Back Heavy Petting

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Sure, this approach may feel a little -- how should we put this? Yep -- just like sequins and shoulder pads. Plus, some heavy-duty petting and humping is a nice little departure from your standard foreplay, which we're sure sometimes can feel a little, well, routine.

Heavy petting tips

Straddle one of his legs and start rubbing up, down and around. This method might feel better for you, as it offers more opportunity for stimulation.

Heavy petting tips

Heavy petting tips

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  1. Kajizahn says:

    And unlike your younger days, this sexual throwback can be the perfect precursor to bigger and better things. Let us set the scene for you:

  2. Gardat says:

    Straddle one of his legs and start rubbing up, down and around. Get Daily Inspiration for Your Best Home Life Sign up for our newsletter to receive recipes ideas, relationship advice, plus renovation and decorating tips.

  3. Kinos says:

    Yep -- just like sequins and shoulder pads.

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