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Video about hook up klipsch speakers:

If you are sitting less than 10 feet away from your speakers, a pair of towers may simply be too large to properly image well. This will be a number that indicates how much output it delivers when fed 1 watt of power and measured from 1 meter away.

Hook up klipsch speakers

I much prefer putting my money into a well-tuned bookshelf speaker that can give me good mids and highs. And there are very few tower speakers though some exist which can beat a traditional subwoofer at Hz in terms of tactile bass response that you can really feel.

Hook up klipsch speakers

Hook up klipsch speakers

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  1. Akizahn says:

    It defies the logic of why larger tower speakers cost more and why they play lower and provide more output than smaller speakers. The advantage here, of course, is that you may not be able to afford both towers and a subwoofer initially, so this is a way to step into a nicer surround system gradually.

  2. Gazil says:

    If you can think far enough into the future, you may want to invest in a pair of bookshelf speakers up front, along with a subwoofer.

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