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Male vs. Female Cannabis: How to Determine the Sex of Your Plant

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So guys, to make boys, stick it all the way in when you reach climax. Though there are other methods to determine what sex the plant is, examining pre-flower formation is the most reliable.

How to determine the sex

To make boys, make an appointment on the 14th day. Thus conception is the result of a race amongst millions of little swimming sperm to reach the single available egg. Viscocity - Vaginal liquids are relatively thick and present an impediment to the Gennys.

How to determine the sex

How to determine the sex

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  1. Moogugor says:

    Slide your hands between the dog's back legs and feel for the presence of two testicles in a scrotum. It is a simple fact of biology:

  2. Majin says:

    This test isn't without risk, however, and isn't performed simply to determine the sex of your baby. The color of the kitten may suggest its gender.

  3. Doull says:

    The vulva may have some wispy hairs on it. Once the umbilical cord shrivels and falls off -- which should happen within a few days -- there will be a little scar left behind on the belly.

  4. Tygotaxe says:

    On the other hand, removing a male from the garden allows female plants to grow large, seedless buds called sensimilla.

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