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8 Keys to Attract Good Energy Today

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And sometimes the universe is doing us a great service by not giving us what we want when we want it. Incoming and outgoing energies must match.

How to give off good energy

Live by these eight keys to shift your energy today and watch as your world responds kindly in return. Don't lock yourself into a low energy as soon as you wake up by thinking, "I have so many problems, this is going to be a bad day.

How to give off good energy

How to give off good energy

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  1. Midal says:

    My friend said she had been smiling and happy when she came in and was never rude to the clerks in any way.

  2. Kikora says:

    The way you begin your day is the way you will maintain your day.

  3. Vilar says:

    It may take time, but the smallest thing can bring someone back into the present moment.

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