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A few seemed a little unwilling at first, but after some persuading and encouragement they came around to supporting the idea too. Kekka was isolated because of the kind of quirk she had. People can be chosen by her that have physical characteristics in common with each other, such as black hair, or brown eyes.


Intense would be a key word in describing Kekka. Joining the roster of an all female agency which specializes in the exciting and ever growing Asian market-- led her to great gigs in Dubai, Indonesia, Vietnam, Jordan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, just to name a few. After self-studying and practicing for years on her own, she found a small group of friends in her first year of middle school that she was finally able to open up to and grow close to.



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    Starting out as a professional model in , she quickly made her way into the international model scene and was soon glancing from several covers of the most important magazines and fashion lectures. People, if asked a question and they all verbally agree in the same way she expects, they are then eligible to be linked to.

  2. Bragore says:

    Kekka was isolated because of the kind of quirk she had. Her father, a famous senior DJ of the Hungarian nightlife DJ BANDERAS introduced her to all kinds of music and taught her how to spin vinyl's when she was still a teenager and most of all to understand that being a DJ means more than just to blend two tracks together.

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    Time limit is 2 days.

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    Maybe she's using her quirk on us. Is very kind to children and likes to be looked up to, but pushes them away if they get too close.

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