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On top of that other forms of physical connection like hugging, kissing become scarce. But what are some of the other bad communication habits that erode away at couples? When Sarah noticed his attitude she fell in love with him not knowing that he is a type A personality.

Lack of communication and divorce

Though you may not mean for it to happen, lack of communication in a marriage can make you feel like you have lost each other. Divorce because of this has become extremely common in the past. You may lose the connection, the love, the passion, or the spark that you once shared.

Lack of communication and divorce

Lack of communication and divorce

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    Then check out this example: But why do people who love each other get divorced??

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    In order to have a healthy relationship you must make sure that you understand your partner's needs and wants not to let him become frustrated.

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    The E-type also appreciates how driven you are when you are working to accomplish a task.

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