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Boxer Laila Ali Shares Her Butt-Toning Exercise

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At age 16, she was busted for shoplifting and later did a three month stint in a juvenile detention hall for "something else". Sweet science it wasn't, but the media lapped it up.

Laila ali boxing

Since it was a major PPV fight audiences could see the fight from their homes, local bars, or the cheap hotels that they were staying at. Ali began to work Mahfood's body in the fourth and Laila's digging left hooks paid dividends by the sixth round as Mahfood's gloves began to come down.

Laila ali boxing

Laila ali boxing

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  1. Nihn says:

    I feel strongly that fighters should not be allowed to weigh in wearing bulky clothing like the combat fatigues that Martin showed up in. Like boxing, tennis also requires that its players be quick on their feet.

  2. Taulmaran says:

    Karen Bill had taken some punishment and was bleeding from the nose but she was in better shape than Ali had been during the second round. Almager faded as Ali picked her apart with body shots in the fourth and the fight was stopped with Mary Ann clearly out of gas against the ropes and hurting from a hard right to the midsection.

  3. Dataxe says:

    Laila next took a "time out" to get married, then returned to the ring for her first fight against a genuine title contender.

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