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Competitive Empathy - Level up your game.

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As empathy itself describes the ability to understand another, competitive empathy refers to the ability to get inside your opponent's head, allowing you to read their intentions. Essentially you need to discover these levels for yourself, not just jump straight into the deep end. Remember what we said at the start; a balance between all three is the key to climbing the ladder.


If the enemy team is playing the choke point with an anchor tank, any attempts at poking into the choke will be relatively sub-optimal, as that is what the enemy team wants you to do. On the other hand, you could use one of them to force the response, then save the other one as a follow-up. Professional players will typically answer yes because Transcendence is considered to be a more valuable Ultimate.



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  1. Voodookus says:

    Using both at the same time happens often, even at Grandmaster level, resulting in them both being countered by transcendence. On the other hand, you could use one of them to force the response, then save the other one as a follow-up.

  2. Yora says:

    Level 3 can also be seen as a way to build on the decisions made by Level 2 plays. On the other hand, you could use one of them to force the response, then save the other one as a follow-up.

  3. Kajikree says:

    To reach Level 2, you need a firm grip on the concept of value.

  4. Mot says:

    You force the enemy team to make a decision; they could abandon the choke, split up or ignore you entirely. In our previous example of using Dragonstrike to force Transcendence, what if you had observed a key target in a poor position?

  5. Dainris says:

    Conclusion I hope this information has been useful to those of you that make it this far, but I must urge you not to fall victim to playing above your level.

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