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10 Magic Spells To Make Someone Call You Instantly

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Say the name of the person 3 times, and pronounce: On a piece of paper, write a short love letter to your loved one using red ink.

Make him call me now

On a larger bay leaf, write the name of your loved one or name of someone you want to call you. This mean mostly preferred by those who are in relationship and facing issues with partner and now he is not showing any interest in you but if you are looking ahead your relationship with him on premises that he should initiate the call with you then this will be the best mean which can help you immediately.

Make him call me now

Make him call me now

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  1. Tojabar says:

    Here is what you do: Maybe you just want to receive a friendly phone call without any particular message.

  2. Akiktilar says:

    Write a letter to the person asking her or him to contact you.

  3. Mooguzilkree says:

    Spells will empower your energy, and the person you like will feel the same desire like you do. Call me this instant.

  4. Dilkis says:

    Put the dream pillow on your altar. The call will come in 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days, depending on how well you have executed the spell, your visualization powers and how much willpower you have put.

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