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I initially joined to loose some weight but found myself quickly becoming obsessed with the healthy lifestyle Muay Thai promotes as well as the mental and physical challenges it can offer you. I wouldn't train anywhere else simply for that matter.

Muay thai kickboxing adelaide

There are no members with big egos and I felt extremely welcomed. I have made some great friends here and no one has

Muay thai kickboxing adelaide

Muay thai kickboxing adelaide

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  1. Viktilar says:

    Steve is the former Swiss Kickboxing Champion who fought the best that the Thai's could offer in the major stadiums of Thailand.

  2. Gardabar says:

    Once I started training here I found the coaches extremely down to earth and the whole gym environment super friendly.

  3. Gar says:

    The integrity and respect the coaches have for their students shows in their fighters.

  4. Diktilar says:

    Thailand's first boxing ring was built in at Suan Kularp.

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