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North Blenheim Historic District

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It is a long linear village whose structures line Route Yet the farmlands of the Schoharie Valley were still rich enough to provide a living, so the village, though shrunken, continued to exist as a residential center. Hager fought in the Revolution, or the anti-renters threatened violence in the village because North Blenheim has changed relatively little since they were born.

North blenheim ny

The first recorded pioneers to settle in the area were the Beaucraft and Mattice families, who came during the 18th century. This church was erected in and remodeled in the late 19th century. North Blenheim Zip Code:

North blenheim ny

North blenheim ny

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    Like its neighbor to the north, Breakabeen, which has been treated in another National Register nomination, the village of North Blenheim was settled by Palatine Germans pressing southwards and the site was probably chosen because of the proximity to both the water power on the west creek and the large expanse of flatlands just south of the village.

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