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Factors influencing older black women’s sexual functioning and their disclosure of sexual concerns

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This information could be important for researchers as well as healthcare professionals. Sexual dysfunction in the elderly: These referenced studies have been conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki, , and the protocols of these studies have been approved by the relevant ethics committees related to the institution in which they were performed.

Older black women and sex

Ageism is fraught with all the hazards of the more familiar prejudices of racism and sexism. Unfortunately, if sex problems are untreated, they might cause other significant problems such as social withdrawal or depression [ 10 ]. This technique allowed DeBose to address ethical considerations of the study, which emphasized that the participants had the right to refuse to answer any question, as well as the right to not be audiotaped.

Older black women and sex

Older black women and sex

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    However, on a positive note, for those with a healthy sex life, their enjoyment of sex increased with time. In prospective studies, investigators should inquire about the level of effort made by African American older women for protection from contracting the aforementioned diseases and how this issue impacts their sexuality.

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