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There’s nothing wrong with going down on someone when they’re on their period

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So as long as both partners are comfortable with the situation, there is no reason to avoid having sex while menstruating. During that time, I focus on pleasuring her. Western Journal of Medicine.

Oral sex on your period

I was kind of disappointed and told her I was on my cycle and she said, "Well, that's what tampons are for. We just handle the mess by doing lots of laundry. I am the founder of an organization supporting Jewish women's wellness , so I think about this topic a lot.

Oral sex on your period

Oral sex on your period

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    We would rendezvous in her studio.

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    But if you taste it, it's just for a fraction of a second. Now that I'm almost 30, I'm in a place where I'm much more comfortable with myself and my body, and I'm also much more aware that there's this huge culture of shame around women's periods.

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