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Parishes: Plumpton

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The stair in this part has 18th-century newels and balusters. There are no traces of the wall-paintings discovered in ; these were on the east wall of nave: In the past five seasons, 35 of his horses have passed the post in front and the majority of these were ridden by his son Jamie, making them a combination to follow.

Plumpton online

The north wall is of 13th-century date and has a good chamfered lancet with splayed jambs, sill, and segmental-pointed rear-arch. The road to Lewes runs along the foot of the Downs, and another road branches from it and runs north, straight up to the north end of the parish, where it branches in four directions.

Plumpton online

Plumpton online

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    See also drawings by Lambert , Add. Woodward to the Bishop of Chichester.

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    The room above the kitchen has typical panelling of c.

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    Beatrice died before 12 December and her son William had livery of his lands on 28 August

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