Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain – review

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Students will learn how best to use and complement the strengths of introversion and extroversion within the context of their particular discipline. It has always been, she writes, "private occasions that make me feel connected to the joys and sorrows of the world, often in the form of communication with writers and musicians I'll never meet in person". Obviously, the challenge for the teacher is to create a classroom culture in which both the extroverts and introverts are able to discuss their feelings and perceptions openly, with acceptance and compassion for their differences.

Quiet susan cane

If this is true, what do you think it means about how our emotional responses influence our personality? We think in an "unusually complex fashion". The loudest, most socially confident and quickest on their feet win the day, whereas the contemplative and quietly well-informed tend not to get a word in.

Quiet susan cane

Quiet susan cane

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  1. Vudomi says:

    They will see how the interaction sometimes works well, while at other times it does not.

  2. JoJorn says:

    Another interesting thing I learned from this book is that extroverts are motivated by rewards.

  3. Tejinn says:

    In this chapter and those that follow, Quiet questions the veracity of this claim.

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