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The New Common Sense. by Daniel Bruno

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America is in the midst of an identity crisis and a constitutional crisis. But if society grows into millions of people, they all cant possibly know each other, so there will need to be a trusted referee to ensure fairness. This insane arrangement gives fantastic power to the police at the expense of the citizenry.

Sex offenders in mena arkansas

You have the right to represent yourself, and have a competent lawyer represent you regardless of your ability to pay. But by the same token, the government cant force gay marriage onto society and especially not onto the military.

Sex offenders in mena arkansas

Sex offenders in mena arkansas

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  1. Zulkik says:

    Therefore, what I am calling for is a Second American Republic:

  2. Shashura says:

    Stanza 2 United we stand, divided we would fall, The great melting pot, made one nation of many.

  3. Kekora says:

    Identity politics, litmus tests and insoluble controversies about gender, religion, language and race must be set aside if the new regime is to achieve momentum.

  4. Nikoshura says:

    They need the wars in Muslim countries to never ends until Israel controls all the water, all the land and all the oil within a mile radius and Iran is broken down.

  5. Ninos says:

    The Fourth Amendment prohibits government agents from touching you or placing you under surveillance or entering your property without probable cause and even then, only with a court-sanctioned warrant. We are paying in blood and treasure.

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