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Crime against nature

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Crime against nature is the unnatural carnal copulation by a human being with another of the same sex or opposite sex or with an animal, except that anal sexual intercourse between two human beings shall not be deemed as a crime against nature when done under any of the circumstances described in R. Twenty-five years of the sentence imposed shall be without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence.

Sex offense crimes against nature

Louisiana may have more current or accurate information. Many individuals have been denied access to homeless shelters and drug treatment because such facilities do not accept those labeled as sex offenders. Any child determined to be a victim pursuant to the provisions of this Paragraph shall be eligible for specialized services for sexually exploited children.

Sex offense crimes against nature

Sex offense crimes against nature

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    An Unconstitutional and Unjustifiable Law Harsher punishment for a Crime Against Nature by Solicitation conviction, as compared to a prostitution conviction, serves no rational or legitimate purpose. You must mail neighbors postcards notifying them of your name, address, description and your Crime Against Nature conviction — which requires that you spend additional hundreds of dollars every time you move.

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