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Feelings of thinking boys are so gross not a year ago, suddenly gets taken over by a fuzzy, warm feeling that lights you up every time you see him smile. He cares about your happiness, tries to help and is there for you.

Signs a guy cares about you

We all have that close circle of people we go to when we need guidance and support. He makes plans with you in advance and sticks with them.

Signs a guy cares about you

Signs a guy cares about you

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  1. Durn says:

    You might wish that his messages contained more than just a smiley face, but it is really a good sign.

  2. Mazujora says:

    Nothing makes him happier than bonding over his favorite activities with his favorite person. This applies much more to those ladies who are wondering about the feelings of a male friend!

  3. Bazil says:

    If you want love that lasts, there are two crucial things you need to know.

  4. Gardale says:

    But his pure interest indicates that the feelings are there, and it's up to you to decide what to do about it now. Usually, he will jump at any opportunity to have you all to himself.

  5. Fesar says:

    In this case, he might offer to pick you up before you join everyone else, or subtly gravitate towards you if he sees you sitting by yourself.

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