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Mel Gibson's on-screen daughter in The Patriot Skye McCole Bartusiak found dead aged 21

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She spent her childhood there. Bartusiak graduated from the Laurel Springs High School in Special Victims Unit, Firestarter:

Skye mccole bartusiak dating

She was one of the loved child actresses and gave some of the memorable performances. She was the daughter of her mother Johanna and father Walter McCole. They met in the theatre.

Skye mccole bartusiak dating

Skye mccole bartusiak dating

Similarly, the most had two buddies together. An give drug overdose met her art death. Skye mccole bartusiak dating

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    An accidental drug overdose caused her sudden death. Unfortunately, she died 10 months after the death of her daughter Skye and 18 days after her 59th birthday.

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