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7 Lies Christians Believe About Sex

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Prayer, reading the Bible, taking part in Bible studies and Christian communities, worshipping God, and serving others—all these things can help fill that desire for love, for connection to something greater. But, for most Christians, sex is like that annoying family member.

Thinking about sex as a christian

Our bodies need exercise and movement and physical growth in order to mature. Until sex is seen as a powerful expression of covenant love, wrapped in mystery and complexity, marriages will continue to fall apart. Movies will paint a character one way, then drop the bombshell.

Thinking about sex as a christian

Thinking about sex as a christian

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  1. Kagarg says:

    Fulfilling all of the actual needs will help to treat the symptoms.

  2. Sagor says:

    Casual sex is fun and innocent. However, if we look at premarital sexual desires as a symptom and not a cause, it might make the struggle more bearable.

  3. Akigal says:

    When we are told that love is equal to sex, then we start to think that we need sex in order to feel loved. But he has a double portion of obnoxiousness.

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