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Toe Wiggler

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Narrow-footed couples usually have beautiful homes and similar artistic tastes. Small-footed people can be easily hurt, but they are resilient and able to recover and move forwards once again. People with narrow feet have an eye for beauty and wonderful taste.

Toe wigglers

A person with a comparatively long second toe likes to feel in control. Although scrupulously fair and balanced, if your partner has square feet they may appreciate someone strong and decisive, as it takes the burden off of them.

Toe wigglers

Toe wigglers

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  1. Kagazragore says:

    A person with a comparatively long second toe likes to feel in control.

  2. Vugal says:

    Large footed types are good at making money and have sound business acumen. You are never short of ideas and love to discuss new plans.

  3. Munos says:

    A person with a comparatively long second toe likes to feel in control.

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