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Manage and Download Apps (.ipa) without iTunes

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Video about updating cracked apps through itunes:

Select the apps you wish to install on your iPhone and click Next. Select the backup you wish to install the apps from.

Updating cracked apps through itunes

Start CopyTrans Apps and connect the iPhone. Locate the app you want to add - its file has the app's name followed by the. If the app shows up in the Library tab, you can simply click the cloud icon to download it.

Updating cracked apps through itunes

Updating cracked apps through itunes

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  1. JoJogal says:

    If the app is already in iMazing's app library, click its name to select it, then click Install to Device in the iMazing window footer. The 'Installed' column will feature a checkmark if the app is installed on your device.

  2. Nimuro says:

    Download CopyTrans Shelbee Install the program. The following step-by-step guide demonstrates how to install apps on iPhone or iPad along with corresponding app settings and documents via CopyTrans Apps and CopyTrans Shelbee.

  3. Grotaur says:

    Click the Device tab to see which apps are on the device; click the Library tab to see the app library. The app will now be available in iMazing to install on other iOS devices.

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