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Celebrating 30 Years

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Video about updating homes for resale:

Since there are fewer buyers out there, your chance of getting a truly low price is even better. Sometimes, the more expensive repairs can really pile up.

Updating homes for resale

Homes with termite damage can be extremely costly to fix, and the result of extensive damage could have an effect on the structural integrity of the property. Pest inspections are also very important.

Updating homes for resale

Updating homes for resale

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  1. Aralkis says:

    As long as you plan ahead and foresee every potential cost, you'll be in good shape to separate the average fixer upper homes from the great ones. It's important to get the plumbing work right the first time, especially when dealing with how your home connects to the sewer system.

  2. Bajin says:

    Location Buying a fixer upper home in a good neighborhood or desirable location will make it very easy to sell once it's fixed up.

  3. Faumuro says:

    You may have seen us on TV!

  4. Akilar says:

    Buying a foreclosure means getting an extra discount, and can create an even bigger margin for profit. Click here for our anniversary issue that shares some of our memories.

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