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Querying the Catalog Tables

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Video about updating tables in oracle joining 2 tables:

In a data warehousing environment, the most frequently-used joins are ones in which one or more dimension tables are joined with a fact table. Change some dimension tables to use ALL distribution.

Updating tables in oracle joining 2 tables

To Select Distribution Styles When you execute a query, the query optimizer redistributes the rows to the compute nodes as needed to perform any joins and aggregations. The central fact table is the clear first choice. A fact table has a composite key made up of the primary keys of the dimension tables of the schema.

Updating tables in oracle joining 2 tables

Updating tables in oracle joining 2 tables

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    Oracle Database Administrator's Guide for information about enabling objects to be stored in memory Drop the indexes that were created to aid OLTP application workloads. Thus, a temporary table holds intermediate result sets for the duration of either a transaction or a session.

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    Type 1 The dimension values that change are simply overwritten, with no history kept.

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    Conformed Dimensions Conformed dimensions means that dimensions are designed identically across the various star schemas.

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    Also, it invalidates any existing aggregates that depended on the old value of the dimension.

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