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15 Things Every Guy Wants In A Relationship But Will Never Tell You

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In fact, a lot of guys even complain about it. It may seem tough to tell a guy you're just not into him like that, but in the long run, he'll appreciate knowing the truth instead of feeling led on. Whispering and gossip can seem pretty immature, especially when you're spreading rumors or being mean to another girl.

What boys want from girls

And deep in the minds of all us guys is that mythical princess. Other guys like their girls thin as a fence post. No lengthy, drawn-out explanations necessary.

What boys want from girls

What boys want from girls

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    A little time in the sun or self-bronzing creams should be sufficient.

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    You do you girl, and the rest will fall into place. A surprise gift, a relaxing massage, a loving gesture are all welcome and much appreciated.

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    Her arm happened to swing up and flick the light on and to my horror, I found myself in a virtual bed of hidden mushrooms.

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