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The Wages of War:

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This is because it includes as a separate category 1, dead who doctors thought were "probably civilians," although the hospitals had not yet made a final, official determination of their status. However, the relevant pool of "probable civilians" actually comprised dead of which were male.

What is meant by pda

Of the total 2, deaths reported by the Knight-Ridder team, 2, came from these three. Lacking true cooperation, the various Iraqi forces could not multiply each others' effect or cover each others' weaknesses. Undoubtedly, most of these casualties were associated with the nearby airport battles and with the armored incursions conducted by the US Third Division, which passed through nearby areas.

What is meant by pda

What is meant by pda

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  1. Kacage says:

    If reinforcement by mobile antitank detachments of an area under attack proved futile, both the defenders and their reinforcements would withdraw.

  2. Nijas says:

    However, the Finns could make conquest unappetizing and, more important, buy time for intervention by friendly powers.

  3. Mazujora says:

    A closer look shows that it does not. Both sides took time to receive reinforcements and build their defenses.

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