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Instead of simply leaving the audience with a warm, romantic buzz, it actually tries to say something about the nature of relationships. Deeply irreverent to social definitions of "good taste" and chicly indifferent to conventions of a commercial horror film, the episode uncannily feels like it was actually written by a smarty-skirt teenage girl: At least in this tree top transition just described, it could be a means of putting us in the place of Professor Choi', showing us what he will see before he sees it.

Where do guys get their ears pierced

This is the total cost for the piercing and the jewelry. Rules of the Time. That's when after-care matters the most — it's much harder for a piercing to get infected once it's had time to heal.

Where do guys get their ears pierced

Where do guys get their ears pierced

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    A group of South Korean soldiers infiltrate a mountainside village in the island, ostensibly looking for communist "rioters. In my opinion, Da-eun is a lot more convincing when she is trying to calmly sort out her doubts and convictions, externally showing little emotion, or at least reining in the outbursts.

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