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Angela Gossow Biography, Career, Albums, Songs and Husband

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She simultaneously began studying economics. Other bands tend to rush through, and I think that's what happened on the Machine Head tour, we didn't have one day off.

Who is angela gossow dating

So that's why we tend to tour in Australia all the time,' she laughed. Which is why, on the upcoming Australian tour, Arch Enemy is taking its extra days off in Brisbane; last time they were in Sydney and Melbourne. Gossow provides the voice for the recurring character Lavona Succuboso in the animated television show Metalocalypse.

Who is angela gossow dating

Who is angela gossow dating

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    Being anorexic and bulimic further added to her woes. She has a mezzo-soprano vocal range, with a death growl.

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    Angela talked about how the net is such a big place, and how 'every moron' can be on there, including those people who really can't step outside into the world. You could bring any chick really.

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