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The 12 Best Pairs of Men’s Underwear on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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A quiet, solid waist band is even more important for you dudes that aren't afraid of bold colors and loud prints. Remember what your mother told you and always wear clean underwear. Get it done with just one click and order up this MeUndies Men's Boxer Brief pack, and fill in the rest from there.

Womens favorite mens underwear

You can confidently drop trou because we put your underwear questions to the ladies to get some honest answers. If you live in a hot climate, wearing underwear will help you stay cool and dry. Always, grey and blue are much sexier than black for briefs and plaids and stripes are sexy with boxers.

Womens favorite mens underwear

Womens favorite mens underwear

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  1. Vorn says:

    Should dudes ever wear underwear under their swim trunks?

  2. Feshakar says:

    You should always change into a fresh pair after a sweaty workout. Just about every fitness brand has their own version of moisture wicking underwear or compression shorts.

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