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Video about word 2010 table of figures not updating:

From now on, all you have to do to add SEQ field numbering is either type in your AutoCorrect text 1] and n] or select the options from your Quick Parts list. If you want your entries to have dot leaders in the table, you have a choice of three different leader styles from the drop-down list. Use a different font, font style i.

Word 2010 table of figures not updating

Warning about Page Number Insertion Repeat: Last week, one of the class groups I was involved in, finished writing a report of significant length. Press TAB once to move to the center of the Footer.

Word 2010 table of figures not updating

Word 2010 table of figures not updating

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    Here are some common referencing tasks, and steps to accomplish them.

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    How many Sections do you need? For example, you can use your corporate logo in the first-page Header, and then include the document's file name in the Header for subsequent pages.

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